CEO's Greetings

 Samyang-ARCA is joint venture company between Samyang System Group having 60 year's experience in valve industry in Korea and ARCA-Regler GmbH having a centurial experience in manufacturing pneumatically and electrically-activated control valves in Germany under mutual agreement of technical collaboration with financial investment.

 Established in year 1987, we have grown as an expert with supplying various types of control valves to power, desalination, petrochemical and steel mill plants in domestic and abroad under wide range of operation conditions with extremely low & high temperature and high pressure of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 4500lbs.

 We have continued to make our best effort on developing our products to fulfill customers needs with our accumulative engineering technology. Furthermore, we keep focused on solving every requirement at site by sustainable development of customer services.

 We promise that Samyang-ARCA become a company to contribute to customer satisfaction as reliable partner through continuous challenge and innovation.